This year, 2016, is the year of the Red Monkey.

Monkeys are clever and playful, and love practical jokes and pranks. Monkeys are usually not very sensitive, and do not understand why others get their feelings hurt from a joke. The result is that Monkeys tend to make friends with those that, like them, are more thick-skinned.

For all the Monkey’s intelligence, he or she does not always do well. This is due to an impulsive nature and short attention span.   Monkeys are romantic and passionate, but don’t always know their own minds when it comes to love. A Monkey may be completely convinced that he has found “the one,” only to become spellbound by another a few weeks later!

A Fire Monkey is an ambitious person who is able to stay more focused than the average Monkey. A Fire Monkey person still dreams big dreams, but has a far better chance of sticking with those dreams until they succeed.

It is hard not to be impressed by a Fire Monkey. A person born under this Chinese sign will be intelligent and quick, and he or she is often the first person to see a solution to a problem. Not only does a Fire Monkey get the right answer, but he or she has the energy to see a plan through until the end.

Overall,  fortune will fluctuate during this year for Monkeys. What you should greatly care is the health of your family and yourself as well as the home safety. Career will go quite smoothly. Many opportunities will favor you. Therefore, your career may reach the peak if you could take the chance…