Oh sigh…..  I love those greasy chewy Deep Fried Sesame Balls BUT I can no longer eat them.  I had allergy testing done last year and found out that I am allergic to sesame seeds, among other seeds and nuts. Being Asian and allergic to sesame seeds is not fun.  Until I found this out and I started to read the ingredients on packages did I realize how prevalent sesame seeds/oil are in a lot of foods nowadays; especially Asian food!

Sesame seeds are put on everything now; especially when restaurants are trying to be more gourmet or do more fusion cooking.   I now have a lot more sympathy to those who have been living with food allergies for years; I have only been dealing with this for about 9 months.

I started down this journey due to my eczema being stubborn about clearing up.  I have to say that now that I have omitted a lot of my allergy triggers, my skin has gotten a lot better.

But I do miss those Fried Sesame Balls…..  Sigh…….

Sesame balls