I was asked by Judy Shintani, artist, to post a Mandala each day for 12 days representing the twelve months of the year. 2017 New Year Mandalas

For the eighth one I decided to base it on the Eight Principles used by acupuncturists to diagnose diseases and a patient’s condition.

Eight Principles

The Eight Principles Theory is used to diagnose a person’s disease and symptoms. They are grouped into four groups of opposites; Yin & Yang, Hot & Cold, Interior & Exterior, Deficiency & Excess. They explain the nature of diseases and the location of pathological changes. These principles provide the basics of differentiating the syndromes of which acupuncturists use to determine the patient’s condition and treatment plan.

Cold & Heat indicate the nature of the disease; fever, rapid pulse, thirsty.

Exterior & Interior indicates how deep in the body the disease is; cold/virus, muscular aches, infections, internal organs affected.

Deficiency & Excess is used to determine the body’s resistance to the pathogenic factors (weak or strong constitution).

Yin & Yang – the above categories can be grouped into Yin or Yang giving an overall picture of the disease; Yang- hot, exterior, excess; Yin- cold, interior, deficiency.

Eight principle Mandala